Project Description

Multicultural Marketing – WorldVUE


Katalyst embraced the bank’s established campaign and its commitment to the community to produce a spot that illuminates its impact. The execution leverages custom animation and motion graphics to balance community measures with a tonality of authentic engagement.


Build Cultural Agility: Expanding Vision. Connecting Cultures. Unleashing Potential.


Multicultural Advertising Work Session

Ethnic Consumer Insights

Creative Process Reviews (Cultural Competency)

Creative Review and Advisory Service

Talent and Organizational Development Consulting


Katalyst facilitates an interactive framework and offers technical assistance that blends ethnic consumer insight, brand positioning, and market knowledge to equip marketing and brand leadership with an informed approach to multicultural consumer engagement.

Through exploring the make up of creative teams and their processes, the WorldVUE platform identifies where cultural blind spots can exist and co-creates strategies that can forge stronger, emotional connections between brands and their target audiences.


WorldVUE has advanced multicultural marketing and ethnic consumer insights capabilities for close to 200 marketing and advertising professionals. Clients include the world’s largest advertisers, close to a dozen CPG brands, and several global advertising agencies.